SPL (Sound Performance Lab) electronics GmbH from Niederkrüchten on the left bank ot the Rhine has over 25 years experience in the development and manufacture of analog and digital audio processors for professional users. Our products enjoy a worldwide reputation for both excellent quality and unique performance as well as innovative and user-friendly conceptshifi12a is authorized SPL dealer.

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Excellent power amplifier fom the new Professional Fidelity Series. The compact Performer s800 features an oversized power supply and is characterized by a powerful and excellent dynamic range and a powerful, clean and natural music playback. The device has XLR inputs for balanced connection to a preamplifier and XLR outputs to loop through the input signal to a second power amp for example to realize bi-wiring operation of speakers. The input can be lowered via a trim switch to 5,5dB in 0,5dB steps.

-> Excellent test in Online Magazine LowBeats (25.07.2016, german)

| Rated Output: 2 x 285W/4Ohm; 2 x 185W/8Ohm; 1 x 450W/8Ohm (bridged mono)
Frequency Response:
9Hz - 100kHz (+0, -0,03dB); 9Hz - 200kHz (+0, -3dB)
| Weight: 12,8kg
| Dimensions (W x H x D, incl. feet):
278 x 100 x 330mm
| Faceplate: optional black, silver or red

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Outstanding mono power amp from the new Professional Fidelity series. The Performer m1000 is extremely stable under load, has an excellent dynamic range and provides a very clean and natural sound. The device has a XLR input for balanced connection to a preamplifier and a XLR output to loop through the input signal to a second power amp for example to realize bi-wiring operation of speakers. The input can be lowered via a trim switch to 5,5dB in 0,5dB steps.

| Rated Output: 1,000W/2Ohm; 700W/4Ohm; 420W/8Ohm
| Bandwith: 10 Hz to 80 kHz
| Weight: 24.8kg
| Size (B x H x T, device feet included): 278 x 205 x 375mm
| Faceplate: optional black, silver or red
| In addition, each device comes with three trim panels (black, silver, red) with the SPL logo, which enable the creation of three color variants for the base color of the front panel. The trims adhere with the help of a powerful neodymium magnet. No tools are needed to replace the trim panels.
| Pictured speakers not included!

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