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Exhibits, trade-ins, shipping returns - Here you will find tested items, some of which have only been used for a few days, at attractive prices. The list is constantly updated.

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Demo - like new! Excellent step-up transformer for adjustment of MC cartridges to MM phono inputs.

| Design: Metal case, black
| Pure copper winding
| Toroidal nano-cristalline core
​| Frequency range: 20Hz - 60kHz +/- 0,5dB
| Inputs: 2x RCA
| Outputs: 2x RCA
| Transformation ratio: 1:10
| Dimensions (W x H x D): 80 x 80 x 180mm
| Weight: 0.8kg

549.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

(Option: Unpacked device)

Unpacked once - top condition, full guarantee! Excellent transformer for adapting MC cartridges to MM phono inputs. Front panel made of 10mm thick aluminum, copper-coated stainless steel housing, optimized mechanical decoupling of the transformer. The high bandwidth of the terminating impedance enables the optimal operation of almost all high-quality pickups with an internal resistance of 1.5 to 40 ohms.

| Design: Copper-coated stainless steel housing, champagne-colored front panel made of 10mm thick aluminum
| Pure copper coil winding
| Frequency range: 10Hz - 50kHz (+/- 2dB)
| Cartridge impedance: 1.5 - 40 ohms
| Gain: 26dB
| Connection impedance: 47 kOhm
| Inputs: 2x XLR, 2x RCA
| Outputs: 2x RCA
| Dimensions (W x H x D): 174 x 90 x 173mm
| Weight: 2.1kg

998.00 *

Expected delivery: 1-3

Demo - Mint condition! High end speaker cable with excellent transmission quality. Extremely complicated structure: Low-capacitive twisting of the 2 cores, gas-foamed insulation with a double cross-linking, shielding of dense copper braiding with 95% optical coverage.

| Length: 2.8m
| Conductor cross section: 2 x 4mm²; 504 x 0.10mm single strands of high-purity copper (OFC Class6N 99.9999%) with conductor smoothing
| Diameter coat: 15.5mm
| Color: transparent-blue
| Plug: HICON HI-BM08 bananas with spreader, color coded

179.00 / pair(s) *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

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