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High-end speaker cable, elaborate stranding and separation of the single conductors.

| Color: black with silver thread
| Inner conductors: OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Conductivity) - Copper, cross section: 2 x 2,8mm²
| Length: 3m
| Plugs: WSS bananas, gold-plated contacts

149.00 / pair(s) *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

Stock clearance: Excellent tonearm cable with complex structure, Teflon-insulated inner conductor made of OHFC copper. Different finishes

| Length: 1.5m each
| Colour: black with silver tracer thread
| Versions: Tonearm connector -> Plug phono input
- 5-pin Jelco, straight -> Neutrik XLR 5-pin/m
- 5-pin CA straight -> 2x Neutrik XLR 3-pin/m
- 5-pin CA straight -> 2x Neutrik XLR 3-pin/m, integrated ground cable (iGround)
- 5-pin SME angle -> Neutrik XLR 5-pin/m
- 5-pin van den Hul (vdH) angle -> 2x WSS Bullet Plug TeCu gold-plated, RCA

*All versions available 1x each!

119.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

Excellent power cord with a high cross section for optimal power supply of the connected devices.

| Plug: Schuko plug -> IEC socket (other versions on request)
| Cable length: from 1m
| Version: gold foil-shielded special power cable with drain wire, 100% coverage
l Cable diameter: 11mm
l Conductor cross section: 3 x 3mm² or 6 x 1.5mm²
l Weight without connector: ~ 300g/meter

from 69.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

A superbly crafted device puck that effectively decouples audio components from their subsurface through a sophisticated fabric construction and effectively dampens their natural vibrations. The Netpoint 200 can be screwed tightly to the device to be decoupled using the adapter screws (M4, M6, M8) provided.

| Load capacity set of 4: 60kg
| Housing: aluminum, silver
| Case diameter: 50mm
| Total height: approx. 14mm
| Functional principle: String Suspension (fabric suspension/suspension)
| Price indication: per set of 4

1x set of 4 still available!

69.00 / set(s) *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

Unbalanced High-End digital cable according to S/PDIF specification with 75Ω characteristic impedance. The complex design ensures excellent transmission properties and extremely high electromagnetic immunity.

| Length: from 0,5m
| Structure: silver plated OCC copper (conductor), Composilex (Insulation), silver-plated OFC copper (shielding)
| Color: red
| Connectors: Wireworld RCA, silver plated contacts

from 69.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

Balanced AES/EBU cable for excellent transmission of digital signals, unshielded, 110Ω

| Length: 2m
| Colour: black with marking thread
| Plugs: NEUTRIK XLR, gold-plated contacts

39.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

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