DFA Dr. Feickert Analogue

DFA Dr. Feickert Analogue

DFA Dr. Feickert Analogue based in March-Bucheim in Baden-Württemberg (Breisgau region) is one of the most prestigious German drive manufactories. Founded in 2005 by Dr. Christian Feickert, the company today is something like an instance around the accurate playback of vinyl records. Accessory products such as the 'Protractor' template for the correct mounting of tonearms and pickups or the software-based adjustment tool 'Adjust +' are in-house developments that are indispensable in any 'vinyl household'. hifi12a is authorized dealer of DFA Dr. Feickert Analogue.

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Completely redeveloped base drive in DFA-typical, outstanding production quality. The compact, belt-driven Volare has a high-torque drive motor with integrated control electronics for excellent speed synchronization. A quick-change system for tonearms of 9 - 10 inches effective length and an innovative chassis concept with a high-precision oil bath bearing are the uncompromising way to construct an entry-level model that sets new standards in terms of sound and feel in its price segment.

| Dimensions (W x D x H): 420 x 360 x 125mm
| Weight: 17.5kg (Chassis + aluminum platter)
| Versions:
- black/silver (Cover plate: natural aluminum, Body: black structured lacquer, standard)
- black/black (Cover plate: black anodized aluminum, Body: black structured lacquer)
- Walnut (Cover plate: natural aluminum, Body: walnut veneer)
| Power supply option: high-quality external power supply DFA LINEAR
| Delivery either a) as a pure drive, b) with 9 inch tonearm Sorane TA-1
| Delivery optionally with other tonearms and matching cartridges. Please ask!

from 2,749.00 *

Armboard for DFA turntable Volare.

| Color: Black
| Version: as desired. Please specify tonearm!|
| Pictured drive, tonearm and cartridge not included!

79.00 *

Belt-driven high-end turntable in outstanding manufacturing quality with integrated motor electronics for excellent speed synchronization. The Woodpecker has a high-torque motor and a flexible Armboard shifting mechanism that allows the assembly and quick change of almost all commercially available 9 - 12 inch tonearms. The extremely torsion-resistant chassis carries a 4.5kg heavy platter of POM, which runs in an equally robust and high-precision inverse bearing made of hardened stainless steel.

| Dimensions (W x D x H): 480 x 380 x 140mm
| Weight: 13.5kg (chassis) + 4.5kg (platter)
| Chassis: Sandwich construction made of solid aluminum (Cover layers) and MDF (Core)
| Standard version: natural aluminum or black (Cover plates), Nextel black or grey (Core)
| Special versions: see veneer/color chart, further versions on request

Please ask for an offer!

Linear regulated, external low-noise power supply for the DFA turntables Volare, Woodpecker, Blackbird and Firebird. With the use of the LINEAR, the sound gains in quietness, precision and dynamics. The spatial image becomes more realistic in width and depth.

| auto-detection of the input voltage
| 24V/500mA DC secondary
| Current limitation secondary: 1.000 mA
| Primary overvoltage protection
| protective grounding
| Primary fuse: 315 mA at 230V
| Primary fuse: 800 mA at 110V
| Power consumption: 35 VA max.
| Faceplate: silver or black

879.00 *

POM platter with 8 brass weights for DFA turntables Woodpecker, Blackbird and Firebird. The brass inserts ensure an improved resonance behavior.

| Weight: approx. 8kg
| Purchase options:
- New (you will receive a new Inertia platter including a new platter bearing)
- Exchange (when you send in your POM platter including platter bearing, you will receive a new Inertia platter including the platter bearing that you have sent us)
- Upgrade (only if you buy a new DFA Woodpecker or Blackbird at the same time! The turntable is equipped with an Inertia plate ex works)

from 598.00 *

Solid aluminum armboard for DFA turntables Woodpecker, Blackbird and Firebird. To avoid damage to the housing, please only use in combination with the DFA Armboard Slider!

| Color: Black
| Version: as desired. Please specify tonearm!

119.00 *

POM carriage for mounting DFA armboards. Fits DFA turntables Woodpecker, Blackbird and Firebird.

| Color: black
| Version: optionally 7mm or 17mm thick

from 79.00 *

Spare/replacement belt for DFA turntables Volare, Woodpecker, Blackbird and Firebird.

29.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 2-5

High quality, solid tone arm/pickup template by Dr. Feickert Analogue (DFA) for precise adjustment of overhang and offset according to Baerwald, Lofgren or Stevenson. With the Protractor Next Generation, DFA presents the further development of the proven Protractor template, which is characterized in particular by an even easier handling. All necessary adjustment parameters can be adjusted and checked in three steps to ensure the correct position of the cartridge in the headshell. At around 3mm, the Protractor base plate corresponds to the thickness of high-quality records, making it easy to check/adjust the vertical tracking angle (VTA) in a single operation.

| Color: Black

249.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 3-5

High-quality, solid mounting flange for precise tonearm height adjustment and adjustment of the vertical tracking angle (VTA).

| Material: aluminum
| Color: Black
| For tonearms from Rega, Origin Live and Jelco (please specify type when ordering)

149.00 *

Delivery time (working days): 7-10

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