System Proposals

System Proposals

At this point we would like to present some special equipment, which daily give pleasure in listening to music. We are happy to guide you through the combinations also with us in the studio. Arrange a listening appointment, we look forward to your visit! | -> Email

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Two birds with one stone: The duet MOON 230 HAD and Audeze EL-8 already is a stunner as headphone/amplifier combinationSimultaneously, the 'small' Canadian is also an excellent preamp incl. high-quality DA converter and analog inputs. No matter if you're sitting in your listening room or in the wing chair - music playback is always on the highest level.

1,998.00 € *

Size doesn't matter: The compact TEAC AI-503 and the passive speakers ME 25 of ME Geithain realize a transparent, accurate and dynamic sound which is incredible for this dimensions.

2,249.00 € *

A kingdom for this combination! The preamplifier/DA converter and headphone amplifier TEAC UD-503 and the large AURALIC ARIES streamer not only visually fit together very well; they also complement each other perfectly in their performance. The TEAC also provides a pair of analog RCA connectors. Add a good phono stage and you're ready for winter.

2,498.00 € *

Nearfield never was nicer! The self-powered Nearfield monitors RL 906 and the matching active subwoofer Basis 11K from the Saxon Geithain. Connect and enjoy!

| Veneer Basis 11K + RL 906: Black ash

4,998.00 € *

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