SPL (Sound Performance Lab) electronics GmbH from Niederkrüchten on the left bank ot the Rhine has over 25 years experience in the development and manufacture of analog and digital audio processors for professional users. Our products enjoy a worldwide reputation for both excellent quality and unique performance as well as innovative and user-friendly concepts. hifi12a is authorized SPL dealer.

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Excellent preamplifier and DSD D/A converter from the new Professional Fidelity Series. Further development of the successful SPL director. The Director Mk2 provides balanced as well as unbalanced analog outputs, six stereo analog input pairs (4x unbalanced/RCA, 2x balanced/XLR) and an outstanding DA converter section with USB, AES/EBU, optical and coaxial inputs. It supports sampling frequencies up to 32bit/768kHz PCM and up to DSD256. A special tape monitor circuit allows the connection of tape devices or the grinding of an external sound processing.

The casing has grown to 2 height units and houses a 45mm aluminum knob with position LED and two mechanical VU meters. The volume and input selection can be controlled via any infrared remote control. hifi12a delivers the Director Mk2 by default with an original Apple Remote.

| Weight: 4,5kg
| Dimensions (W x H x D, incl. feet): 278 x 100 x 335mm
| Faceplate: optional black, silver or red
| Original Apple Remote included!

3,149.00 *

Delivery time (working days): 5-7

Professional DSD DA converter and monitor controller (preamplifier). The SPL Mercury offers 7 digital inputs (2x AES/EBU, 2x S/PDIF Coax, 2x S/PDIF Toslink, 1x USB) and 2 pairs of balanced (XLR) analog outputs (1x variable level/VarOut, 1x fixed level/FixOut), which can be used simultaneously.

| Front panel: either black, all black or red
| Weight: 5.3kg
| Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 45 x 312mm

2,598.00 *

Delivery time: On request

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