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Perfect work equipment for the adjustment of tonearm and cartridges. The laser-cut edges and lines of the block enable an accurate reading and cotnrol of parallelism, even at tapered tonearms with print.

| Material: Acrylic
| Dimensions (W x H): 60 x 35mm
| Skala: 0-30mm
| Weight: 35g

28.27 *

Immediately available

Excellent headphone stand for optimum storage of high-quality headphones. ROOM's FS combines an attractive design with maximum functionality: The design favors the airing of the capsules immediately after use - moisture caused by transpiration can escape unhindered. A wide headband, in which an anti-slip protection of cellular rubber is inserted, prevents twisting and slipping of the headphone. The rubber feet of 3M protect sensitiv surfaces and ensure stability. The ROOMs FS is is optionally available in different types of real wood veneers, plastic surface or covering layer of natural aluminumin.

| Material: Plywood core optionally with real wood veneer, plastic surface (black/white) or covering layer of natural aluminum
| Veneer finishes: Maple, Beech, Cherry, Zebrano, Walnut, Mahogany, Makassar (Manufacturer's note: For environmental reasons the veneer types 'Zebrano 'and 'Makassar' are offered as high-quality real wood replicas from sustainable forestry)
| Weight: about 0,4kg
| Headphones not included!

77.01 *

Excellent, height-adjustable headphone stand for optimum storage of high-quality headphones. The equally stylish and functional ROOM's FS-Pro provides an underframe made of steel and offers a total weight of approx. 1.5kg for  highest degree of slipping and tipping safety. The retaining bracket is made of a plywood/HPL sandwich. It has a 3-point anti-slip device made of cellular rubber that effectively prevents rotation and slippage of the headphones. The contact-free storage of the ear cushions favors the evaporation immediately after use - moisture can escape unhindered. The guide of the stainless steel shaft is equipped with a braking mechanism, which prevents an unwanted snap-down of the bracket when the polished knurled screw is released.

| Material: steel base, brackets made of a plywood/HPL sandwich with integrated 3-point slip protection of cellular rubber
| Color: black or silver
| Weight: approx. 1.5kg
| Headphones not included!

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Immediately available

High quality, solid tone arm/pickup template by Dr. Feickert Analogue (DFA) for precise adjustment of overhang and offset according to Baerwald, Lofgren or Stevenson. With the Protractor Next Generation, DFA presents the further development of the proven Protractor template, which is characterized in particular by an even easier handling. All necessary adjustment parameters can be adjusted and checked in three steps to ensure the correct position of the cartridge in the headshell. At around 3mm, the Protractor base plate corresponds to the thickness of high-quality records, making it easy to check/adjust the vertical tracking angle (VTA) in a single operation.

| Color: Black

193.98 *

Immediately available

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