The Japanese company IT Industry has been developing and producing predominantly analog products since 1974: tonearms, pickups, cables, phono amplifiers and accessories - mainly as an OEM supplier. Own tonearms have also been offered for a number of years. Initially under the brand name ABIS, from 2017 as SORANE. Since then, the tonearms are also represented successfully worldwide.

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Excellent tonearm with outstanding build quality and versatility. The noble finish underlines the high value of this classic S-shaped radial arm. The detachable headshell with SME connector simplifies mounting and changing pickups.

| Color: silver
| Version: optionally 9 or 12 inches

from 1,698.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 3-5

Excellent 9 inch tonearm in outstanding workmanship. An all-rounder for all pickups with medium to low compliance. Due to the weight on the front part of the tonearm, the mass of the tonearm can be infinitely fine-adjusted and optimally adapted to the corresponding compliance. The tracking force can be adjusted using the counterweight and the front weight on the tonearm tube. The removable headshell with SME connector simplifies the assembly and changing of pickups. The SA-1.2 is available in black and silver.

| Color: black or silver
| Version: 9 inches

from 2,098.00 *

Delivery time (working days): 5-7

High quality aluminium headshell with SME standard bayonet connection. Fixed finger clamp, headshell cable made of OFC copper. The horizontal track angle is adjustable.

| Version: black or silver
| Weight:17g

119.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

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