Audio over IP (AoIP)

Audio over IP (AoIP) refers to an efficient and future-oriented possibility to transfer music in excellent quality using a conventional network structure (LAN) and standard network components. 

Pioneering work was carried out by the Australian company Audinate, which in 2006, under the brand name DANTE (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet), created a combination of hardware, software and a network protocol that allows to transmit uncompressed digital audio signals within audio networks with almost no latency and with very precise clocking.

The smooth operation a Dante network is to be ensured with relatively little effort. For the requirements see the support page of Audinate (English) and introductory also the Wikipedia entry to the Dante network protocol (German).



The Micromedia AG from Switzerland is a company that develops innovative audio solutions especially for professional broadcasting studio technology. This includes the Dante™ AoIP interfaces, for which Micromedia is an authorized licensee of the Australian manufacturer Audinate.