WSS Silver Line KS30P5

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WSS Silver Line KS30P5

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Excellent tonearm cable with elaborate structure, Teflon-insulated inner conductors made of OHFC copper.

| Length: from 1m
| Colour: black with silver marking thread
| Tonearm plugs, optional:
- RCA Plugs Eichmann Bullet Plug, gold plated contacts

- Straight plug, 5-pin
- SME angle plug, 90°, 5-pin
| Plugs phono input, optional:
- RCA Plugs WSS Bullet Plug, gold plated contacts
- WSS XLR/m, 3-pin connectors
- Neutrik XLR/m, 5-pin connector

Additional product information

Tonearm plug Straight plug
Plug to Phono-Input RCA
Length 1m

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