The British company not only manufactures for over 30 years excellent turntables, but since 1991 respectively 1996 also outstanding amplifiers and CD players. For all categories of equipment applies equally uncompromising, the company's philosophy: Maximum quality, stability and reliability at an absolutely fair price.

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Outstanding entry-level turntable with newly developed tonearm RB220 with automatic anti-skating adjustment. Self-locking, 11mm brass housing for bearing with improved accuracy. New chassis finish with high-gloss acryl. Supplied with mounted MM cartridge Rega Carbon.

| Dimensions, lid closed (W x H x D): 447 x 117 x 360mm
| Weight: 5,5kg
| Versions: high-gloss white, high-gloss black

505.92 *

Turntable of the top class with 'Double Brace' technique; completely revised version of the RP3. New Tonearm RB330 with improved anti-skating adjustment, newly developed tonearm with Neutrik connectors. Brass housing for bearing with improved accuracy. New chassis finish with high-gloss acryl.

| Dimensions, lid closed (W x H x D): 447 x 117 x 360mm
| Weight: 6kg
| Versions: high-gloss white, high-gloss black, high-gloss red
| Optional delivery with matching cartridges

from 778.86 *

Excellent turntable with newly developed, ultralight chassis (foam sandwich) and aluminum bottom plate (double brace) for maximum torsional rigidity. New tonearm RB330 with improved antiskating, tonearm cable with Neutrik connector. Extremely precise and low-friction brass platter bearing. Included in delivery: External NEO power supply with electronic speed changeover and fine adjustment.

| Dimensions, lid closed (W x H x D): 448 x 120 x 365mm
| Weight: 5.2kg
| Version: polaris grey (matte, scratch-resistant surface with high gloss black edge trim)

*In our showroom!

1,266.25 *

Excellent motor control for Rega turntables P3-24, RP3, Planar 3/2016, RP6, P5, P7, RP40 special edition, RP8 and any older model equipped with the Rega 24-Volt engine conversion kit.

| 2 speeds: 33 and 45 rpm, switchable
| Finish: black

340.20 *

High end turntable with extremely lightweight sandwich chassischassis, dual tonearm/platter bearing bracket made of magnesium (Double Brace technology) and excellent tonearm RB880. Selected, vibration-free 24 volt motor with a matched to the engine external power supply. 3-layer float glass platter, optimized low-friction platter bearing.

| Dimensions with dustcover fitted (W x H x D): 420 x 125 x 315mm
| Weight: 4.2kg
| Finish: black
| Shown pickup not included in delivery!

2,241.04 *
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