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Unbalanced RCA/XLR cable, original manufacturer-assembled.

| Length: from 1m
| Type of cable: Mogami Neglex 2549
| Color: black
| Plugs: Neutrik RCA -> XLR female

1 stereo pair available

59.00 / pair(s) *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

Warehouse clearance!
Remaining stock: 1 pc. !

Solid, height-adjustable device base with excellent workmanship, which effectively decouples audio components from their subsurface through a sophisticated fabric construction and sustainably dampens their natural vibrations. In this way, significant sound improvements can be achieved. The Liftpoint 3.5 is recommended for leveling out unevenness in the surface of subwoofers, floorstanding loudspeakers or floor-operated amplifiers/power amplifiers. It can either be simply placed underneath or screwed firmly to the device to be decoupled using one of the adapter screws (M6 and M8) provided.

| Load capacity/device base: 15kg
| Height adjustment: approx. 10mm
| Housing: all aluminum, silver-colored, with threaded hole
| Case diameter: 51mm
| Total height: 35mm
| Functionality: String Suspension (fabric suspension)
| Price indication: per piece

49.00 *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

Unbalanced RCA cable, original manufacturer-assembled. Unpacked item/custom-made product for an unrealized project. Dispatched in secure hifi12a packaging (No original packaging!).

| Length: 1m
| Type of cable: Sommer Cable SC-Galileo 238 Plus
| Color: black
| Plugs: HICON RCA

19.00 / pair(s) *

Immediately available
Delivery time (working days): 1-3

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