MF-Electronic phase detector, MF-Electronic power cord + power strips

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Battery-operated test device for the safe and quick determination of the correct phase polarity of audio components at the mains socket. Easiest handling: Insert the mains plug of the device to be tested into the phase detector, press the measurement button, then the phase is displayed in one measurement using 2 LEDs. The corresponding phase position of the mains socket can be determined with the enclosed current tester. Uncabling the devices or masking protective contacts is no longer necessary.

| Version: metal housing
| Color: Black
| Power supply: 9V block battery, state of charge is indicated by yellow LED
| Dimensions (W x H x D): 73 x 40 x 148mm
| Weight: 0.62kg
| Scope of delivery: phase detector, 9V block battery, current tester, earth connection cable, self-adhesive marking points, operating instructions

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Immediately available

Excellent power cord with a high cross section for optimal power supply of the connected devices.

| Plug: Schuko plug -> IEC socket (other versions on request)
| Cable length: from 1m
| Version: gold foil-shielded special power cable with drain wire, 100% coverage
l Cable diameter: 11mm
l Conductor cross section: 3 x 3mm² or 6 x 1.5mm²
l Weight without connector: ~ 300g/meter

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The mfe power strip (SLN) is specially designed for the requirements of a good hi-fi system. The heavy metal housing in conjunction with the screened mfe power cable protects against interferences. The cross-section of 3 x 3mm² ensures optimum power supply. The power strips are available in 3 basic variations (4, 6 or 8 sockets) with different cable lengths. The ground wiring is carried out in a star shape with solid copper wire. All socket inserts are wired with 2.5mm² copper wire.

| No. of sockets: 4, 6 or 8 (Fig. shows special version with 7 sockets)
| Cable length: from 1.5m

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