Gold Note

Gold Note

GOLD NOTE from the Tuscan Montespertoli (Florence) has been around since 2012. The team around the founder Maurizio Aterini today develops a series of high-quality audio components in a distinctive, elegant design.

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Excellent turntable with outstanding tonearm Gold Note B-5. Included in delivery: High quality dust cover and external power supply with electronic speed changeover and fine adjustment. Optionally with excellent HighOutput MC cartridge Donatello Red.

| Dimensions (W x H x D): 425 x 170 x 360mm
| Weight: 9.5kg
| Versions: black, white, walnut, acrylic

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Outstanding turntable in a classy look with excellent tonearm B-5.1. The excellent manufacturing quality of the Pianosa is reflected in the curved line of the base chassis, hand-made from Italian hardwood or lacquered MDF. Covered with a 20mm thick MDF board and a reinforcing 3mm thick sandwich insert made of stainless steel results in a frame with incredible strength, which ensures a unique tonal performance level. Included in delivery: high-quality dust cover and external power supply with electronic speed change and fine adjustment.

| Dimensions (W x H x D): 425 x 200 x 360mm
| Weight: 13.5kg
| Finishes: black, walnut

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