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Here, our customers have the free opportunity to offer audio equipment for their own account (for sale by owner). hifi12a assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and legality of the product details and pictures as well as any guarantee, warranty or product liability for the items offered.

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1 pair of MA-24 Class A mono power amplifiers from MARANTZ.

| Serial numbers: mz19116020041/42
| Color: Champagne
| Original price: 8,000 DM
| Date of purchase: 1996
| Technical condition: good (2)
| Optical condition: good - very good (2+)
| Accessories: Service Manual, original packaging, mass balancing cable
| Special Features: 2019 revision by a specialist, 2x power cord from Groneberg (Quattro Reference 1.2m)

Asking price: 2.300 EUR

*Pictures are original images

Active 3-way horn loudspeaker system with external active crossover DP226 from XTA. Slate cabinets, WBT speaker terminals, high-quality internal cabling from Groneberg and Sonic Link.

| Age: about 8 years
| Housing: slate, 30mm thick, bass reflex (140L volume)
| Weight: 200kg /piece
| Dimensions without horn attachment (H x W x D): 122 x 35 x 50cm
| Dimensions with horn attachment (H x W x D): 166 x 60 x 75cm
| Driver equipping/speaker:
- Tweeter: JBL 2405, 8 ohms, 2 inches
- Midtone: JBL 2440, 16 ohms, 4 inches
- Low tone: 2x Eton 11-581/50HEX, 8 ohms, 11 inches
| DSP active crossover: XTA DP226, currently set crossover frequencies: 500Hz, 9kHz

Original price: 35,000 EUR (Speaker), 4,000 EUR (DSP crossover)
Asking price: 13,000 EUR
Individual sale of devices on request!

*Pictures are original images

Extensive range of phono and power cables from GRONEBERG.

| Scope of delivery:

- 1x power strip Quattro Reference DUO F7, 7-fold (5x analog, 2x digital), 160cm cable length | Original price: 800 EUR
- 1x power cord Quattro Reference, 100cm | Original price: 218 EUR
- 2x power cord Quattro Reference, 130cm | Original price: each 270 EUR
- 1x power cord TS Premium, 260cm, with wooden case | Original price: 450 EUR
- 1x power cord Series 3, 170cm | Original price: 102 EUR
- 1 pair of phono cables TS Premium XLR m/f, 2x 80cm, with wooden case | Original price: 509 EUR
- 1 pair of phono cables TS Premium XLR m/f, 2x 100cm, with wooden case | Original price: 569 EUR
- 1 pair of phono cables Quattro Reference XLR m/f, 750cm | Original price: 1,000 EUR
- 1 pair of phono cables Series 3 XLR m/f, 150cm | Original price: 191 EUR
- 1 pair of phono cables Series 3 RCA, 100cm | Original price: 111 EUR
- 1 set (= 8 pcs.) TS Control foam cable damper, with wooden case | Original price: 70 EUR

Asking price for purchase of the entire range : 1,500 EUR
Asking price for single purchase: On request!

*Pictures are original images

Comprehensive range of tubes.

| Scope of delivery (tubes):

- 28x 6C33C
- 14x 5687 WB
- 14x AX7

| Also included is a carrying case.

Asking price: 900 EUR

*Pictures are original images

Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery