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Vero S: The new phono stage from DFA Dr. Feickert Analogue
- New precision clock generator from Mutec: REF10 NANO
- Demo devices here
- Discontinued models here


TheComposerFullScoreOne_startpageNew by Austrian Audio: Full Score one and The Composer

The studio equipment manufacturer from Austria presents two new models in the premium class: the headphone amplifier Full Score one and the reference headphones The Composer.

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td1600_1601-bundle_startseiteThorens: TD 1600 and TD 1601 with new tonearm TP 160

Thorens presents the 2nd generation of the high-end players TD 1600 and TD 1601 the new, knife-edge bearing tonearm TP 160.

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ATC-Startseite-web1New in the range: ATC

The monitors from the British speaker manufacturer ATC Loudspeaker Technology are among the best in the world for both ProAudio and privat use. Since 1974, the renowned English company has been manufacturing almost all the components of its loudspeakers in-house, mostly by hand.

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Van-Medevoort_gesamt-front-startseiteNew to hifi12a: Van Medevoort Audio - classic beautiful HiFi!

A timeless design, long product cycles, top-notch maintenance and service - the devices from van Medevoort from the Netherlands are components with stable value that music lovers will enjoy for a very long time.

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mytek_startseite_webAvailable now: The Mytek LIBERTY LINE

The studio supplier from New York City took its time. But now the time has come: The compact LIBERTY product series is being delivered. The DAC II - an excellent DA converter, preamp & headphone amplifier - and the thoroughbred headphone amplifier THX AAA HPA make the start. The PHONO PREAMP has been announced for autumn - a phono preamplifier with an unbelievable variety of features.

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thorens_startpageThorens: New models, new tonearm!

With the belt-driven sub-chassis turntable TD 1500 and the direct-drive TD 403 DD the company from Bergisch Gladbach presents two models for purist vinyl lovers. The manually operated devices are equipped with the new TP-150 tonearm, which has a headshell connection according to the SME standard.

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aznu10 years hifi12a - on to new shores!

In 2019 we are celebrating the 10th year of our business and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in us over the past decade. We will intensively use this anniversary year to make our range even more focused and attractive.

In the coming weeks and months you can expect many exciting new products that will enrich our offer in the future. The selection criteria remain the same with which we started in 2009: sound, quality and value for money.

On the next joint decade!

Your team from hifi12a

lindemann_startseite2New to hifi12a: LINDEMANN audiotechnik

With the Limetree series, the renowned Bavarian manufacturer LINDEMANN redefines the entry-level class. The ultra-compact devices set standards in terms of both sound and price/performance.

These models form the beginning of the series:

- the phono preamplifier Limetree Phono,
- the headphone amplifier/preamplifier Limetree Headphone,
- the high-res audio players Limetree Network and Limetree Bridge.

In the course of the coming year, the series will be supplemented by further modules. It remains exciting!

volarejelco_startseite_2New to our showroom: The 'Volare' by DFA Dr. Feickert Analogue

From now on in the demo: The brand new 'Volare' by DFA Dr. Feickert Analogue. Available either as a pure drive or - as shown here - with the excellent tonearm Jelco TS 350 S for an attractive bundle price.

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dante_spokenAudio over IP (AoIP) with DANTE

Audio over IP (AoIP) is an efficient and forward-looking way to deliver excellent quality music over a conventional LAN connection using traditional network components.

For some time now we have been dealing with Danteā„¢ compatible products, which are also interesting for the HFi/HighEnd sector.

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dfa_startseiteNew to hifi12a: DFA Dr. Feickert Analogue

From March 2018 we are official authorized dealer of renowned german drive manufactory DFA Dr. Feickert Analogue. Experience with us analog playback at its best!

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mutec-ref10mc3_usb_black1_startseiteA perfect clockwork: Mutec Ref10,
10 MHz Reference masterclock

The Ref10 from the Berlin-based company Mutec generates high-precision 10 MHz clock signals with uniquely low phase noise (jitter) to significantly improve digital playback devices.

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meg_basis11K_2x_RL906_sw_startseiteME Geithain Basis 11K + 2x RL 906 - Nearfield never was nicer!

Our particular recommendation for listening distances up to 2.5m: The self-powered combination of Subwoofer Basis 11K and Nearfield monitors RL 906.

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spl-profi-startseiteNew to hifi12a: Professional Fidelity by SPL

HighEnd out of studio technology: Professional Fidelity (Pro-Fi) is a new device series of the Lower Rhine Studio outfitter SPL. 5 models constitute the starting line:

- Director - PreAmp/DAC
- Phonitor x - Headphone amp/PreAmp (with optional DA converter)
- Phonitor e - Headphone Amp (with optional DA converter)
- Phonos - MM/MC Phono preamplifier
- Performer s800 - Stereo Power Amplifier

ls3-5a-v2-open-frontback_startseiteNew to hifi12a: Stirling Broadcast - speakers in the BBC tradition

The English company Stirling Broadcast manufactures transducers according to BBC specifications and officially licensed by the BBC. The new edition of the classic Studio LS3/5a is one of them.

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