SPL Phonitor x, DAC 768xs | Demo, black

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Demo - Mint condition, warranty! Studio headphone amp/preamp with DA converter. The Phonitor x is a professional working device as well as a high-end switching center on the highest level. The device has balanced and unbalanced inputs. Both balanced and unbalanced headphones can be used on the output side. The Phonitor x is consistently designed for maximum sound quality and playback neutrality and has among other things a crossfeed function to simulate a speaker listening to headphones. The volume can be controlled via any infrared remote control.

| Max. Output Power (1kHz): 1W/600Ohm; 2W/300Ohm; 3.7W/120Ohm; 2.9W/47Ohm; 2.7W/32Ohm
| Min. Headphone Impedance: 10Ω
| Frequency Response Line/Headphone outputs: 4Hz/10Hz - 300kHz (-3dB)
| Dimensions (W x H x D): 278 x 100 x 335mm
| Weight: 4,3 kg
| Faceplate: black
| Original Apple Remote included!

| Analog inputs:
1x balanced stereo, XLR; 1x unbalanced stereo, RCA
| DAC module DAC 768xs, digital inputs: 1x USB, 1x optical, 1x coaxial (up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD256)
| Analog/Monitor outputs: 1x balanced stereo, XLR; 1x unbalanced stereo, RCA
| Headphone Outputs: balanced XLR 4-pin; unbalanced 1x 6,3mm stereo jack
| Level increase of the headphone outputs, adjustment of the VU meter sensitivity as well as conversion of the monitor outputs to fixed level by DIP switches on the bottom side
| Remote controllable volume control via motor potentiometer
| Proprietary audio circuitry in powerful 120V technology for unique performance

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