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Excellent gimbal tonearm in outstanding manufacturing quality with identical axle bearings pivoted by 45 ° for even distribution of load and deflection. The REED 1X is available in numerous versions with different wood tonearm tubes. The standard version comes with a 5-pin DIN plug for use with custom tonearm cables. Alternatively, the tonearm can be ordered with a continuous, high quality Finewire C37 wiring in different variants (copper/silver, standard or cryogenized) with cinch plugs from different manufacturers. The exchangeable headshell allows an accurate and uncomplicated system assembly.

| Colors: black, seashell white (matt silver, as shown)
| Versions: 10.5 and 12 inches
| Mounting: REED 3 point

Technical specifications
| Straight tonearm, statically balanced
| Effective length

- 10,5": 267mm
- 12": 309mm
| Overhang
- 10,5": 15,4mm
- 12": 13,4mm
| Distance from center tonearm/center plate bearing (Mounting distance)
- 10,5": 251,6mm
- 12": 295,6mm
| Height adjustment
| Optional connections:
- 5 pin DIN plug (standard, as shown)
- Continuous Finewire C37 cabling with RCA plugs in the following versions:

  • Length: 100cm (on request), 125cm
  • Finewire C37: copper (Cu), copper cryogenized (Cu, Cryo), silver (Ag), silver cryogenized (Ag, Cryo)
  • RCA plugs: Standard copper, KLEI copper (Cu), KLEI silver (Ag)

| Attention: Delivery of the 5 pin plug version without tonearm cable - Please order separately!
| Wood versions tonearm tube: Wenge, Makassar Ebony, Cocobolo)
| Pictured pickup not included in delivery
Mounting dimensions 10.5" and 12" see attached product info (download)

Additional product information

Product information Download
Length 10.5 inch
Connection wiring without, 5 pin plug (Standard)
Arm tube Wenge
Color Seashell white

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