SPL (Sound Performance Lab) electronics GmbH from Niederkrüchten on the left bank ot the Rhine has over 25 years experience in the development and manufacture of analog and digital audio processors for professional users. Our products enjoy a worldwide reputation for both excellent quality and unique performance as well as innovative and user-friendly concepts.

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Excellent preamplifier and DSD D/A converter from the new Professional Fidelity Series. The Director provides balanced as well as unbalanced analog outputs, two stereo analog input pairs (unbalanced/RCA) and an outstanding DA converter section with USB, AES/EBU, optical and coaxial inputs. It supports sampling frequencies up to max. 24bit/384kHz PCM and up to DSD128. The volume and input selection can be controlled from any IR remote.

-> Excellent test in HIFISTATEMENT netmagazine (June 2016, german)

| Frequency Response: 4Hz - 300kHz (-3dB)
| Weight: 3,3 kg
| Dimensions (W x H x D, incl. feet):
278 x 57 x 335mm
| Faceplate: optional black, silver or red
| Original Apple Remote included!

*In our showroom

2,599.00 € *

Studio headphone amp/preamp from the new Professional Fidelity Series. The Phonitor x is a professional working device as well as a high-end switching center on the highest level. The device has balanced and unbalanced inputs and optionally provides a DAC section with USB, optical and coaxial connection. Both balanced and unbalanced headphones with impedances from 10Ohm can be used on the output side. The Phonitor x is consistently designed for maximum sound quality and playback neutrality and has among other things a crossfeed function to simulate a speaker listening to headphones. The volume can be controlled via any infrared remote control.

| Max. Output Power (1kHz): 1W/600Ohm; 2W/300Ohm; 3.7W/120Ohm; 2.9W/47Ohm; 2.7W/32Ohm
| Min. Headphone Impedance: 10Ω
| Frequency Response Line/Headphone outputs: 4Hz/10Hz - 300kHz (-3dB)
| Dimensions (W x H x D): 278 x 100 x 335mm
| Weight: 4,3 kg
| Faceplate: optional black, silver or red
| Original Apple Remote included!

1,899.00 € *

Excellent, compact Studio monitor controller and headphone amp for a variety of applications.

| Frequency range: 10Hz - 200kHz (- 3dB)
| Finish: Black
| Weight: 2.1 kg

659.00 € *

Studio headphone amplifier + preamp for the high-end range. The Phonitor2 is a professional device and also a control center for minimalist home applications at the highest level. It has three analog inputs (2x balanced/XLR, 1x unbalanced/RCA), a variable output for connecting active speakers or amplifiers and allows the operation of virtually all headphones with impedances from 10ohms. The volume can be controlled from any infrared remote control.

| Max. Output (1kHz): 1W/600Ohm; 2W/300Ohm; 3,7W/120Ohm; 2,9W/47Ohm; 2,7W/32Ohm
| Min. Headphone impedance: 10Ω (balanced: 40Ω )
| Frequency Response Line output/Headphone output: 4Hz/10Hz - 300kHz (-3dB)
| Version: black or silver
| Dimensions (W x H x D): 277 x 99 x 305mm
| Weight: 4,3 kg
| Original Apple Remote included!

*Studio unit for demonstration!

1,498.00 € *

Perfect for professionals: The excellent Phonitor2 + 1x4 Switch in a high-quality 19" rackmount-housing, fully assembled. Together with the integrated 1x4 switch the Phonitor2 is extended by another three stereo speaker outputs. In this way, the device is a perfect analog 120V monitor controller. Through headphones or via up to four stereo pairs of speakers three selectable analog stereo signals can be played back in reference quality. The extensive controller functions (phase inversion L/R, Solo L/R, mono, Mute) of the Phonitor2 are available among all the connected monitoring systems.

| Dimensions and weight Expansion Rack (Rack module including 1x4 switch, without Phonitor2)
- Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 88 x 300mm

- Weight: 2.7kg (around 7kg incl. Phonitor2)
| Original Apple Remote included!

*In our showroom!

1,949.00 € *
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