Behind the New York City-based company is Michal Jurewicz, who can be considered a true pioneer of converter technology. Jurewicz graduated in electrical engineering from the Faculty of Electronics and Acoustics at Warsaw University of Technology in 1987 and then worked as a technical engineer at New York's Hit Factory and Skyline Studios before founding Mytek Digital in 1992. He has designed more than 30 models of digital audio converters and other studio equipment, His devices have made the sound for more than 800 million records sold worldwide. Today, Mytek is a quality manufacturer of audio equipment for professionals and consumers alike. hifi12a is an authorized Mytek dealer.

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Compact, professional phono preamplifier with excellent workmanship. The Liberty Phono Preamp is an incredibly versatile PhonoPre for almost all MM and MC cartridges. It offers three RCA phono inputs as well as balanced and unbalanced signal outputs and can be extremely precisely adapted to the pickup(s) used due to its flexible design.

| Version: aluminium, black
| Dimensions (WxHxD): 140 x 44 x 225mm
| Weight: 2kg

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