The renowned company from Huntingdon in the English county of Cambridgeshire manufactures since the early 1980s high-quality audio electronics with excellent value for money. The simple but elegant traditional devices are functionally limited to the essentials, the 'inner values​​', however, refer to a depth of engineering and the use of components that are normally only found in much more expensive components.

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High-quality, portable DSD D/A converter, headphone amplifier and preamplifier. The M-DAC Mini is equipped with five digital inputs, two digital outputs and unbalanced analog outputs. The device can be operated either by mains or battery power. Batteries are included.

| Color: Black
| Dimensions (H x W x D): 34mm x 136mm x 178mm

399.00 € *

High-quality D / A converter and amplifier in a compact design.

| Color: Silver and Black
| Remote Control: Yes

798.00 € *
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