Customer Offers

Customer Offers

Here, our customers have the free opportunity to offer audio equipment for their own account (for sale by owner). hifi12a assumes no responsibility for the accuracy and legality of the product details and pictures as well as any guarantee, warranty or product liability for the items offered.

If interested, please use the link 'Ask question' in the extended produt description or contact us. We will immediately send you the seller's contact details provided to us. Any further communication takes place solely between the seller and the interested party.

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1 pair of Class A push/pull tube mono power amplifiers ARTEMIS of CR Developments.

| Case: polished stainless steel, partly painted black
| Features: volume control, ground lift switch for floating operation
| Special equipment: Gilded ceramic base
| For technical data see:
| Original price: 7.500 EUR
| Asking Price: 5.500 EUR

| Included in the sales price:
- Comprehensive range of spare tubes worth approx. 1.500 EUR (24x 6C33C, 12x 5687, 12x AX7)
- Professional device revision in the value of approx. 1.000 EUR

*Pictures are original images

5,500.00 € / 2 piece(s) *

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