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Demo - mint condition! - BBC LS3/5a V2 near-field monitor. Full warranty.

| Veneer: Cherry

1,607.42 / pair(s) *

Demo, like new - Full warranty! Excellent headphone amplifier from the new Professional Fidelity Series. The Phonitor e is consistently designed for maximum sound quality and reproduction neutrality and has among other things a crossfeed function to simulate loudspeaker playback for headphone listening. The device has balanced as well as unbalanced inputs and optionally comes with a DSD capable DAC section (USB, optical and coaxial inputs). On the output side both balanced and unbalanced headphones with impedances from 10Ohms can be operated. The volume can be controlled via any IR remote. Is supplied with an original Apple Remote.

| Max. Output Power: 1W/600Ohm; 2W/300Ohm; 3,7W/120Ohm; 2,9W/47Ohm; 2,7W/32Ohm
| Frequency Response: 10Hz - 300kHz
| Weight: 3,3 kg
| Dimensions (W x H x D, incl. feet):
278 x 57 x 335mm
| Faceplate: silver
| Original Apple Remote included!

1,167.80 *

Immediately available

Demo: nearly mint condition - warranty! Excellent headphone amplifier, which can also be used as a preamp. The Limetree Headphone is suitable for the operation of headphones with a nominal impedance of 32 to > 200Ohm; the load resistance is adjustable by DIP switches on the bottom of the device. In the preamp section, the device has three switchable line inputs and a line output for the operation of main amplifiers or active speakers. The analogue volume control is handled by a high-quality MUSES 72320 volume controller; the power supply is provided by an extremely low-interference external power supply.

| Output power: 80mW/200Ohms; 20mW/ 50Ohm
| Frequency response: 1Hz - 300kHz (-3dB)
| Dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 120 x 40 x 120mm
| Color: silver
| Weight: 0.3kg

387.96 *

Immediately available

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